Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Drama, Drama, & More Drama!

According to 93.9 WKYS, Chief Keef got into a Twitter beef with Katy Perry and tells Perry that “I Will Slap The Shit Out Of You & Dat bitch Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off   Reportedly, a comment made by Perry about his song was the catalyst for Chief Keef’s comments. 
Of my Dick!”

What makes matters worse is that Chief Keef was arrested last week by DeKalb County Police for disorderly conduct.  At this time, the details surrounding the arrest remains unclear.  However, many are speculating that Chief Keef will incur another probation violation as a result of this new arrest.

I think Chief Keef needs to get a publicist quickly to do damage control and take anger management.  Everyone is not going to like your music and your antics may get you blackballed in this industry.  Sadly, Chief Keef may become another washed-up rapper before he turns 18.

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